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Titanium Thru Axle for Roadbike Disc Brake | 12mm Super Aero lightweight axle with built-in Hidden QR Quick Release

Titanium Thru Axle for Roadbike Disc Brake | 12mm Super Aero lightweight axle with built-in Hidden QR Quick Release

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Titanium Thru-axle for Disc Brake Roadbike

-Save yourself & time when puncture happened, and you need a tool for removing wheel for tire fix.
-No need to ask rider around if you forget to bring tool. Be self sufficient rider.
-Weight saving : XX gram
-Time saving: Priceless

•Special design to compatible most mainstream roadbike on market.

•CNC Titanium axle body, with 7075 aluminium lever to shave the weight to another level, while keep the weight as light as possible.

•Hidden built-in lever, remove / Tighten wheelset without additional tool, less weight to carry.

•Come with washer & spacer to minor adjust axle length for different frame (tolerance 1mm)

•Come with 3 different thread (1.0 1.25 1.5mm)


Colour: (Anodising)
Pink purple

Full Kit come with:
Ti Front / Rear axle 2pcs
4mm spacer 4pcs
Convex spacer 2pcs
1mm flat washer 2pcs
2mm flat washer 2pcs
(1.0/ 1.25 /1.5mm) Thread end 6pcs
Thread screw 2pcs
Locktide glue 1pc

Trek specific 1.75mm thread 2pcs

Important Assembly Note:
1.This Thru Axle is modular design, to extend better compatible across multiple mainstream roadbike model on market.
2.Front axle M12x106mm (27.5g), rear axle M12x147mm (34.8g), width can adjust by spacer (included)
3. Torque for screw tighten 3Nm. Torque axle tighten 5-6Nm (Hand tightened)
4. Torque been calculated carefully to ensure safety.
5. Hidden lever can pull out when need, and insert when done need, slightly improved aerodynamic.
6. Max 2 hex spacers can be added to end of axle.
7. Flat spacer can shorten axle length, some frame using concave washer (included)
8. End thread is removable to change different type of thread.

* Bike & components in picture not included

• Anti-rust and anti-corrosion, embracing enduring freshness.

• Half the weight of a standard steel bolt, incredibly lightweight.

• Harder, stronger, and feather-light, a perfect blend of strength and agility.

• Enhanced with the PVD process, the bolt surface shines brighter and smoother, surpassing the electroplating process.

• A polished surface that reflects superior craftsmanship.

• Crafted from Grade 5 Titanium, boasting high tensile strength for quality and durability.

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